Business energy solutions

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Commercial boilers

Efficient heating and hot water for your business

Our range of commercial heating boilers and burners
offer a robust and highly efficient energy solution for
your business. We offer systems from leading UK and
European suppliers, and we’ll assess your energy
supply requirements and consumption patterns to
recommend the best option.

The Benefits

Energy-efficient and high performing systems which are easy
to service and maintain

Compact solutions that are powerful and built to last

Ideal replacements for less efficient atmospheric boilers

Boilers are tested by us and specially developed by
Hamworthy for the Channel Islands

Off-grid energy

Connecting your business to reliable energy wherever it is located

Our off-grid energy solutions are ideal for businesses
which require a reliable and robust energy supply.
Our range of solutions include modular plantrooms,
LPG commercial boilers, underground and above
ground mini-bulk tanks, and cylinder banks with
telemetry system.

The Benefits

Flexible solutions that support your specific energy

Solutions can be installed inside or outside

Our modular plantrooms can come fully fitted with energy

Our smart telemetry system constantly monitors your gas
cylinders to ensure a continuous supply and updates us when
you need new cylinders delivered

CO2 supply and purification

A sustainable, food grade CO2 supply for your business

Whether your business uses CO2 for brewing,
packaging, engineering, enriching crops or
maintaining pools, we can supply you with CO2 in
cylinders or ISO tanks. We supply schools, hotels, and
spas with CO2 as a safe alternative to chlorine for
their pool purification systems.

The Benefits

Our CO2 is bottled on-island providing a timely and economical

CO2 is environmentally friendly and less corrosive than
chlorine which is better for equipment

We offer flexibility to buy or rent cylinders and tanks which can
be pre-filled with CO2

A range of cylinder sizes and ISO tanks are available - 3.15 kg,
6.35 kg, 9 kg, 22.6 kg

Combined heat and
power (CHP)

Improving your business resilience and reducing energy costs

CHP is a cost-effective and energy-efficient process
that uses gas-fired engines to generate electricity
and provide heating and hot water for your business.
Our range of high-quality Viessmann units offer operational reliability and guaranteed parts.

The Benefits

Generating heat and power at the same time reduces costs
and lowers carbon emissions

A highly efficient process that captures and makes use of heat
which would be wasted

Easy to install and cost-effective, with 90%+ operating

Improves your energy security, resilience and supports
sustainability goals

Commercial catering and
leisure equipment

Precise cooking and easy outdoor entertaining for your business

Whether you require an oven, grill and fryer for your
commercial kitchen or heaters, fire pits and BBQs for
outdoors, we can supply and install a range of gas
appliances for your business.

The Benefits

Gas offers a high level of control for precise and even cooking

Top-of-the-range appliances that are easy to clean and

Guernsey Energy can offer capital support to assist with your

Our range of Blue Seal catering appliances offer the latest in
innovations and reliability

Commercial smart controls

Smart systems to help your energy solutions operate efficiently

We can advise your business on a range of smart
controls including boiler management systems (BMS)
and thermostatic radiator valves (TRV) to help make
the most of your energy solutions.

The Benefits

Supports your business’s sustainability goals

Improves operational efficiency and can reduce your costs

Can increase performance and encourage safe operation of
your energy solutions


Integrating renewables into your business energy

We can offer your business a range of innovative
renewable energy solutions including hybrid systems,
air source heat pumps, solar thermal hot water
systems, commercial battery storage and
photovoltaic technology.

The Benefits

Highly efficient solutions for heating, hot water and generating

Increases energy efficiency and reduces carbon emissions

Supports your business’s sustainability goals

Improves operational efficiency and can cut your operating

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