Vivanco Sat/Antenna Splitter 1 F socket 4 x F Socket

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Introducing the Vivanco Sat/Antenna Splitter with 1 F socket and 4x F sockets.

This high-performance splitter is designed to optimize your satellite and antenna signal distribution.

Efficient Signal Splitting: The Vivanco Sat/Antenna Splitter allows you to split aerial signals with ease, providing seamless connectivity to multiple devices or different locations. It ensures efficient and reliable signal distribution, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted reception across various devices simultaneously.

Optimal Signal Integrity: Operating within a frequency range of 5 - 2400 MHz, this splitter accommodates a wide range of satellite and antenna signals. With its low attenuation of < 12.5 dB, it minimizes signal loss, ensuring optimal performance and maintaining signal integrity. Experience high-quality audio and video output without compromise.

Enhanced Shielding Technology: The splitter is fully shielded, providing excellent protection against electromagnetic interference. This advanced shielding technology ensures clear and stable signal transmission, allowing you to enjoy your favorite TV shows, movies, and radio stations without any disturbances or signal degradation.

Convenient Features: Equipped with a return path, the Vivanco Sat/Antenna Splitter enables two-way signal communication, enhancing the functionality of your satellite and antenna setup. Additionally, the DC power pass on the trunk feature facilitates convenient power supply to compatible devices, making it a versatile solution for your connectivity needs.

Easy Installation: Installing the Vivanco Sat/Antenna Splitter is quick and straightforward. Its user-friendly design allows you to effortlessly connect your aerial cables to the 1 F socket and distribute the signal to the 4x F sockets. Enjoy a hassle-free setup that saves you time and effort.

Upgrade your satellite and antenna distribution system with the Vivanco Sat/Antenna Splitter. Experience efficient signal splitting, optimal performance, and enhanced signal integrity. Enjoy seamless connectivity and expand your entertainment options with this reliable and high-quality splitter.


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