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Upgrade your cleaning routine with the Shark IZ252UKT cordless stick vacuum cleaner – the perfect pet model for tackling pet hair and all your household cleaning needs.

Advanced Cleaning Technology

Equipped with innovative Anti Hair Wrap technology and Flexology, the IZ252UKT allows you to breeze through your cleaning routine with ease. The Anti Hair Wrap technology separates and removes hair from the brush roll while you clean, keeping it tangle-free and ensuring that pet hair is trapped straight into the dust cup.

The Flexology feature allows you to easily bend the vacuum under low furniture, such as sofas, beds, and coffee tables. Plus, it can be easily folded down for compact and freestanding storage, without the need to store it against walls or other surfaces.

Versatile Cleaning

Transform the IZ252UKT into a handheld cleaner for easy use on stairs, soft furnishings, and even in your car. With the touch of a button, you can easily switch between stick and handheld modes, making your cleaning routine even more convenient.

Convenient Design

With twin batteries included, you'll enjoy up to 80 minutes of run time on a single 3.5-hour charge. Plus, the Dual Charging Dock allows you to charge both batteries at once, ensuring that you always have a battery ready to go when you need it.

This vacuum comes with a range of handy attachments, including a crevice nozzle for tight spaces and an upholstery brush for soft furnishings. Additionally, the motorized Anti Hair Wrap Pet Tool is designed to remove embedded pet hair from upholstery and other surfaces.

Advanced Features

The IZ252UKT features three power settings, allowing you to easily switch between carpet and floor modes. You can also use the Boost trigger for an extra burst of power for tougher clean-ups. With LED headlights that illuminate hidden dust, you'll never miss a spot again.

The vacuum includes HEPA washable filters and an Anti-Allergen Complete Seal, making it the perfect choice for allergy sufferers. Weighing just 5.2 kg and coming in a striking peacock blue, this vacuum is not only functional but also stylish.

Upgrade your cleaning routine with the Shark IZ252UKT cordless stick vacuum cleaner – designed to make cleaning a breeze. Add one to your basket today and experience the power of Shark technology.

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