Hive Thermostat Mini

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  • Full schedule control - available in the Hive app
  • Automatic frost protection – helps prevent frozen pipes
  • Geolocation – heating alerts when you leave home
  • Holiday mode - manage your heating while you’re away
  • Simplified controls – turn your heating up or down on the thermostat

  • Interactive interface - tells you the temperature and if the heating or hot water is on
  • Make it smarter - add other Hive devices to create a smart home and thermostats to control up to six zones of heating

Hive Thermostat Mini

The Hive Thermostat Mini has models for both combi boilers and system boilers (conventional boiler with a separate hot water tank). This thermostat is smaller, sleeker and available at a lower price. Take control of your heating and hot water anytime, anywhere from your mobile, tablet, laptop or smart speaker. The thermostat works no matter who supplies your energy (gas, oil or electricity) and will work with your existing heating system.

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