Brand new energy for Guernsey Gas

Guernsey Gas has rebranded to Guernsey Energy

The company has been taking care of the island’s energy needs for nearly 200 years and, as part of its vision for the future, the new name reflects the changing direction of the business, with a focus on providing customers with choice in energy management solutions and supporting Guernsey’s energy transition. 

Jo Cox, CEO of Islands Energy Group, the parent company of Guernsey Energy, explained: “Our vision is to be more than a gas company. The current energy crisis means that, more than ever, customers are seeking ways to use energy more efficiently, so we are investing locally to provide additional products and services to help islanders achieve this. 

Jo Cox, CEO of Islands Energy Group

“The new Guernsey Energy brand demonstrates our commitment to being a key part of the island’s Net Zero transition and, in the longer term, this means we will be diversifying our services and looking at alternatives to LPG gas, such as green hydrogen.” 

As well as rebranding, the company has launched smart home technology from leading brands Hive and Tado to give customers greater choice and control over their energy use. These devices will be available on an affordable subscription basis and installed by Guernsey Energy’s team of engineers.

The new smart home technology is on display in the Guernsey Energy Centre by Admiral Park, where customers can benefit from a team of Energy Saving Trust-trained advisers, dedicated to providing impartial advice in all aspects of energy efficiency. 

“We want to be Guernsey’s trusted partner in energy management. Changing our name and launching our smart home subscriptions is part of that,” Jo Cox explained.